• Aol. and Kristen Taekman Talk About Eating Healthy

    Kristen Taekman's philosophy on being healthy during the holidays

    Aol. spent some time with Kristen Taekman to get her tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle and deal with cravings.

    You might think that Kristen would shy away from things like eggs and butter, but that's far from it!

    So what does an average day of eat...

  • E! Online Finds Life More Fab with EBOOST

    Real Housewives Products Photo credit: E! Entertainment

    E! Online's Mike Vulpo took on quite a challenge:

    How much could a viewer accomplish in 24 hours using items strictly created or devel...

  • Teen Vogue Says EBOOST Is a Miracle Drink

    Drinks Every Beauty Girl Needs to Stock

    Recently reminded readers that sugary sodas and "consuming caffeine-laden, artificial-ingre...

  • The Daily Summer - Molly Sims Fashion Fridge


    The Daily Summer have been looking into a lot of fridges this summer...  Guess what the...

  • REFINERY29 - Packing Tips From A Travel Blogging Pro

    Courtney Scott, senior editor at Travelocity and travel blogging pro gave away her packing tips secret to REFINERY29 to travel smart and jet lag free!

  • EBOOST Launch For SodaStream With Jillian Michaels

    We recently celebrated the launch of EBOOST for SodaStream by hosting a super exclusive spin class at Flywheel L.A. led by EBOOST's Chief Energy Officer Jillian Michaels.

    To celebrate the launch of the EBOOST Orange and Acai Pomegranate flavors for SodaStream, Jillian Michaels was joined by Kristen Taekman, model and Real Housewive of New York, NFL player Terrell Owens, Cougar Town’s Brian Van Holt, along with other VIPs!

    Check out the video:

  • SHAPE Magazine - EBOOST & Jillian Michaels



    Who made it into the 2013 July/August issue of SHAPE Magazine?  EBOOST Acai ...

  • Bloomberg TV Mystery Guest - Josh Taekman & EBOOST

    Bloomberg TV Mystery Guest



    Did you miss 

  • The Fashion Spot - 21 Questions with Co-Founder John McDonald

    John McDonald

    We ask serial entrepreneur, co-founder of EBOOSTand the man behind B&B, 

  • The Posh Mom

    The Posh Mom - EBOOST

    The Posh Mom talks about EBOOST, and here is what she says:


    "Who couldn’t use more energy and a posi...

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