• Lisa Spitzer EBOOST Brand Ambassador

    Lisa-Spitzer EBOOST Brand Ambassador

    EBOOST Brand Ambassador Lisa Spitzer has a schedule few would envy but she has the natural energy to do more! She’s at the gym by 4am to get her own training as a National Physique Committee (NPC) competitor before shifting her attention to her personal training clients. To s...

  • The Amazing Coffee Cherry

    The Amazing Coffee Cherry

    Most of us enjoy a good cup of coffee (or two, or three!) but little did we know that the best part of the tree was being tossed out or used as fertilizer. The powerhouse of the coffee tree has actually been the coffee cherry - a sweet and sticky, if small, fruit!

    Why is the coffee...

  • Natasha van der Merwe EBOOST Brand Ambassador

    Natasha-van-der-Merwe-EBOOST Brand AmbassadorEBOOST® Brand Ambassador Natasha van der Merwe comes from a family of athletes. Her father was a national cricket, field hockey and table tennis player in South Africa and her mother is a nationally ranked Masters tennis player! Natasha, who now lives in Austin, Texa...

  • Christina Clemons EBOOST Brand Ambassador

    Christina Clemons Brand Ambassador
    Christina Clemons is no stranger to competition. She worked for more than 15 years as an athlete and equestrian, but stepped away from that arena in 2012. Since then, Christina has become passionate about bodybuilding. She’s now a personal trainer at

  • Introducing EBOOST POW - It’s Time to Love Your Workout


    Imagine feeling powerful and ready when it’s time for your next workout. EBOOST® POW® is a new powdered drink mix with amazing ingredients that promote maximum performance for your mind and body.

    We’ve designed POW as the pre-workout superenhancer for the rest of u...

  • Sharon Feiereisen Discovers an Aphrodisiac for Working Out

    Pow Tubs

    Snob Essentials blogger Sharon Feiereisen was worried about keeping her energy up and staying boosted while her personal trainer is on vacation. Lucky for Sharon, she got her hands on EBOOST™ POW® and is ready to face two weeks at the gym alone!


  • Nick Waninger EBOOST Brand Ambassador

    Nick-Waninger EBOOST Brand Ambassador

    Nick Waninger takes pride in his family and his faith. Nick’s earned a spot as a professional triathlete, TriDot coach and EBOOST® Brand Ambassador. In addition to running his own company, being a professional athlete with a wife and young chil...

  • Arlene Ferrer EBOOST Ambassador

    Arlene Ferrer EBOOST Ambassador
    There are some fitness instructors that really know how to make you sweat! Arlene Ferrer is one of those! She teaches cycling at CYC in New York City. She’s known for her music selection. It’s never dull and consists of sexy, fun electronic dance beats tha...

  • Chocolate Orange Energy Truffles with EBOOST

    Chocolate Orange Energy Truffles FB

    @NotCrazyHealthy's Liz Moody has another amazing EBOOST recipe for us! This time, it's a chocolate truffle!

    These Chocolate Orange Energy Truffles are dairy free, refined-sugar free, and gluten free, super easy...

  • Orange Creamsicle Energy Smoothie with EBOOST

    Orange Creamsicle Energy EBOOST Smoothie
    We love the enthusiasm, energy and creativity of EBOOST fans! Liz Moody (whose @NotCrazyHealthy Instagram feed is full of great recipe ideas) sent us her recipe for Orange Creamsicle Energy Smoothies wit...

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